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The Epagneul Breton Foundation, Inc., is organized exclusively for educational, scientific, and charitable purposes to support and advance the Epagneul Breton, a breed of pointing dog which orginated in France over a hundred years ago.  

A principal mission of the foundation is to educate individuals about the breed, its history, and current status. The newly  formed foundation also exhibits classic and contemporary artistic interpretations of the breed on a rotating basis.

The foundation's longer term goals and purposes include:

• Housing an online library and bibliography of important resources,

• Supporting scientific research efforts and dissemination of health and biological information,

• Providing opportunities for gifts or bequests to support the foundation's works.

The foundation board encourages and welcomes participation, suggestions and input about materials of interest. We also invite individuals, businesses and organizations to support the work of the foundation as affiliates.

The foundation's logo depicted above incorporates the classic head study —original done on terra cotta plaque by Richard Fath (France 1900-1952). The Foundation gratefully acknowledges the kind assistance of Mr. William Secord of The William Secord Gallery, New York, NY in securing permission for use of the artwork.

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... Un maximum des qualités dans un volume minimum.

("... a maximum of qualities in a minimum of volume.")


Artist: JP. Couspel (France)

Gaston Pouchain, the late Past President of the Club de l'Epagneul Breton (France)

Latest News

Epagneul Breton Foundation's Board of Trustees met March 28

• William Sandy Gunn selected as Honorary Trustee

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